[WATCH] Kevin Hart Opens Up About Issues With Justin Bieber: ‘I love him. I’m on his side.’

kevin hart and justin beiber 2014-the jasmine brand

He added that most of us would run wild if we were rich at a young age:

Look, honestly, if I had Justin’s money, he’s age and y’all cut me loose uhhh, you know, I don’t know…Justin bought a monkey at one point and time. I was like, ‘I probably would’ve did the same thing…’ I gotta be honest with you. If I seen a monkey run by and somebody told me I could do what I want cuz I’m 18, I wanna take that monkey on the plane with me guys. Kev you can’t. Don’t tell me I can’t ‘cuz I got a lot of money. I want the monkey. And if you don’t say anything, I’ll leave you here and let the monkey take your seat.

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He ended his spill saying:
I love him, honestly. Like you said, he’s a talented guy. He’s gonna get better, man. I know he is. I’m on his side.
Watch the clip below.

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