[AUDIO] Draya Michele On Leaving ‘Basketball Wives LA’, Going Mainstream & Potential Wedding Bells

It’s been three seasons and Draya Michele  has kept her coveted spot on VH1’s Basketball Wives: L.A. This week, the Philly-bred reality star chatted with Power 106, dishing on all things Draya. In addition to explaining why she’s going ‘main stream’, she also chatted about spin-off plans, her growing clothing line and her boyfriend’s displeasure with the show. Check out a few excerpts below.
Big Boy: Whats Fine A** Girls?
Draya: Fine A** Girls is my clothing line. I made a clothing line for the girls who watch me, who support me, viewers of the show.
Big Boy: Can ugly girls where it too?
Draya: Listen, I’ve already stated that fine is a state of mind so if you feel fine, then you are fine.
Big Boy: Do you feel like you are ready to skate away from Basketball Wives now that Draya is becoming a brand?
Draya: Well, I think that Basketball Wives is my date to the prom so I gotta dance with her for a little bit because that’s who I came with, but I don’t have to go home to her at the end of the night. So I would like to do my own thing eventually, once the Basketball wives  train comes to a stop then I would like to graduate into the Draya Show and I’m already transitioning into that.
Big Boy: I know you were featured in US Weekly also. Do you feel like there’s a separation from the cast to where people are coming at Draya?
Draya: I think that I’m more mild so I can do both. I can do the mainstream stuff and the urban stuff and I feel like I’ve maxed out in the urban stuff because everybody knows me. Everybody knows Draya if you watch urban TV and you know Basketball Wives LA then you know Draya. So I’m just trying to get the people that don’t know me and don’t watch my show to get to know me.
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Big Boy: Do you have someone?
Draya: You know what Uhm…I think its been really hard on my boyfriend. We watch it together and he’s came to the point already, its been episode one… we saw 60 minutes of what is going to be going on for 12 weeks and he’s like ‘You know what…I don’t think you should do this next year. How much are they paying you again? I’ll pay you double to sit your a** on the couch’.
Big Boy: Do You hear wedding bells or is it too early?
Draya: Uh, its too early to tell right now we just hear the headboard a lot right now
Big Boy: Is it hard for you to be that person that look at as a DimePiece. Does it hurt that your in a relationship?
Draya: You know, I don’t really make my money based off of what the guys think. Its about what the girls think and I think that the ladies are growing up with me. I was single then, i got a boyfriend now and their like ‘I want a boyfriend too’. They don’t miss single Draya, I don’t miss single Draya.
Ricki Martinez: Ex Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan has her cook book have you looked at that?
 Draya: I don’t care about what she does.
Listen below.

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