[VIDEO] Rob Hill Sr. Reveals His Initial Goal Wasn’t To Be Inspirational


Does the name Rob Hill Sr. ring a bell? Chances are, one of his infamous quotes have made their way in your Instagram feed–forcing you to contemplate whether you need relationship counseling or validating the fact that you need to run the opposite direction from that toxic relationship that you just can’t end. In either event, the 20-something father’s becoming a force to be a reckoned with in the motivational speaking and writing arena. Recently, he chatted with Elite DC about his motivation, how he began and lessons learned. 

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Rob With His Son

Check out a few excerpts. 

On how his initial goal wasn’t to be inspirational:

I don’t think I ever aimed to be an inspiration. I think I was somebody who got it wrong a lot and I was trying to do better and in doing better I was given a position to where I had a platform to speak to people and in doing that I guess you become inspirational but it wasn’t really my aim. It was like ‘I got this sh*t wrong a lot’ ya know?’ And it’s a lot of people watching me but I would rather them see a good mold to see what it is to do right or even be a redemption story , ya know?  Somebody who was like ‘Aight, he was there and now he’s here’ you know that really was my goal; [it] was to improve my life for me and my son.

On what he learned after being homeless at age 17:

I think that it taught me a lot about decisions, our choices. I always like to tell people that we are one choice away from a completely different life and I made a lot of choices that I forced [my parents] hand…. Like I was bouncing around a lot but in doing so I learned a lot about myself and learned probably the most valuable thing is that nobody is going to come pull you up. You got to get stronger on your own and put yourself in a better position.

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Kenny Burns, Rob (Living Life For A Living Tour)

On what inspired him to write & where he honed his craft:

I guess I was always a writer by nature, English came natural. My mom is a writer too. But when I got in the Navy I decided that I was going to be a full time writer. Of course, I had my duties there but I started this series called “Thoughts for the Day” and basically everyday by 9am I had to have 10 lines out and I started with a small email list with like 22 people and over three years it grew to about 3, 000 and then I got on social media and stuff like that.

Check out his full interview below.

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