[WATCH] Prince Reveals His Biggest Pet Peeve, Performs On The Arsenio Hall Show

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The uberly private Prince seems to be making more public appearances these days. After last month’s Superbowl, he guest starred on the Fox comedy, ‘The New Girl‘ and has been making the rounds on late night talks shows. Last night, clad in a black fur vest, bell bottoms, gold chains and a well maintained afro, the star appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show. The ultra private star showed a sense of humor as he revealed his biggest pet peeve and revealed that he can cook. He also performed the B side classic, ‘She’s Always In My Hair‘ with 3rdEyeGirl. Peep the excerpts and performance below.

Biggest pet peeve: 

Strangers touching my hair.

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Last time he was angry: 

I got a little bit [angry] at a party I just went to at the Oscars. Folks have tendency to wanna bump into you. Its mostly dudes.

Household chore that he does that surprises people: 

I can cook…but only thing, omelets. All my friends have high cholesterol.

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Peep the clips.

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