[WATCH] Keyshia Cole ‘Rick James’ Featuring Juicy J Video

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We can’t tell if Keyshia Cole’s latest video is inspired by life events, or just a helluva imagination, but it’s quite entertaining. This week, she released the visuals for the ‘Rick James‘ video, featuring Juicy J.

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In the treatment, Keyshia rolls up to her man’s house, after discovering his been cheating on her. And while things don’t get physical, she’s 3.5 seconds from slappin’ a brotha and channeling her inner Rick James.

Why does it matteter now
Who can do you better
Feet up on your couch
Yeah b*tch I’m Rick James
Yeah b*tch I’m Rick James
Yeah b*tch I’m Rick James
Slap a b*tch like Rick James
I’m Rick James

Check out the video.

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