[WATCH] NeNe Leakes Says Cynthia Bailey No Longer Brings Anything To RHOA, Calls Former Friend ‘Weak’

can’t stick, you know? You need somebody like that can stick to something…When the wind blow, you blow this way, then you blow that way. Good Bye…I think Cynthia is a good friend. And uh, I think she just blows where ever the wind blows.

Nene and Greg Leaks and Cynthia Bailey-moet STK dinner hip hop awards 2013-the jasmine brand

When Andy says that Cynthia always ‘blew in her favor’, NeNe adamantly disagrees, responding:

Not really. She’s always been cool with me. But I never felt like Cynthia put a stamp of approval on it. I feel like, no, honestly. I feel like if she was over there with Kandi, she was over there with Kandi. If she was over there with Phaedra, she was over there with Phaedra.


NeNe reveals that Cynthia becoming friends with cast members that don’t like her, was an issue:

I think that Cythia was my friend. That’s what I thought…When you have a friend, and they do something wrong, that you don’t like. I don’t think you align yourself with the enemy. I think you stick with your friend and you stick with your friend and say, ‘Look, we were friends. I liked you. You did this and I did not like that.’ At the end of the day, you’re not gonna align yourself with the enemy.

kenya moore-says cynthia bailey should retire-the jasmine brand

One of her issues is that she believes that Cynthia aligned herself with Kenya:

She did. Definitely. She ain’t got my back like that. No, she does not. Marlo could do anything and talk about me to everybody she wanna talk about me to. She can talk about me like a dirty dog. I am never going to sit here with you. With Kenya, with none of them. Because I was not a friend to her….I don’t know if she’s spoken about me like a dirty dog, I can not say that. What I do know is that you don’t align yourself with the enemy. To me, it just says, you’re weak. That’s how it comes off to me…We’re just not cool anymore. That’s just what it is. That’s just how I roll.

Check out the full clip.

Do you agree with the reason why NeNe ended her friendship with Cynthia? From your perspective, was Cynthia a good friend?

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