Stay Away! Bobbi Kristina’s Husband Ordered No Contact With Pat Houston For 12 Months

family … he comes within 200 yards — he goes to jail. The bad blood is long-standing.  Family members tell us Nick resents Pat because she controls the purse strings of Whitney’s estate … and he thinks his wife Bobbi Kristina got screwed on her inheritance.

The drama between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina’s family has been never-ending since Whitney Houston’s death.

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Last month, Nick and Whitney’s nephew, Gary, got into a physical altercation. The incident went down at a Sweet 16 party for Reyah, Whitney’s. After the fight, Nick took to Twitter to air his feelings about the entire family. He wrote:

Everybody got so f*cking fake after Mom passed away. Specially Pat
I’m like f*ck all of em they’ve tried to fight me ( Gary H ) jealous a** n*gga. You snuck me you should’ve had me but you didn’t
@garymhouston b*tch ass n*gga you had a clear shot on my face. You didn’t do shit. Sloppy a** n*gga. You got held back by one girl.
#GaryMichaelHouston you’re a b*tch. Point blank. I’ve never seen such a little short/fake person. First time for everything.

Bobbi Kristina nor Nick have commented about Pat’s restraining order.

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