Super Model Jessica White Blasts Social Media Troll For Calling Her A Devil Worshipping, Illuminati Puppet

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 10.30.52 PMThe days of popping slick on about your least favorite celebrity, without them responding are coming to an end. As social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram grow, so do critics blasting famous folk. And a few celebs aren’t having it. A young man learned the hard way, after posting a not-so-nice comment about super model, Jessica White. Model Eva Marcille posted a Woman Crush Wednesday post of Jessica. A young lady with the Instagram name @ShayShayNJ commented:

Went to her page and that b*tch loves the devil and proud of it #illuminatipuppet
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Jessica caught wind of the young lady’s remark and clapped back. The 29-year-old wrote: