[EXCLUSIVE] WE TV’s David Tutera Calls Lil Kim’s Baby Shower ‘Unbelievable’

coming. It was, I would say probably as over the top as any baby shower  I can possibly imagine for anyone.


How he describes Lil Kim’s shower: 

Fun, fascinating, I mean…she’s to me Iconic so I couldn’t wait to work with her. A lot went on, a lot of things happened which you’ll see of-course in the episode on my show. Some of things that happened I was a little unclear on how to handle but I have to tell you, at the end of the day, it was unbelievable.

One of the best pieces of advice that he’s received about working in the entertainment industry: 

To keep calm, to keep patient, to listen, to focus. To not let it be about me but to let it be about the celebrity or to be about the person hosting the celebration. A lot of people forget to do that and that is one of the things that’s caused me to create  such success, is that it’s about them and not me.


One of the craziest rumors that he’s heard about himself: 

Well,  last year there was an enormous amount of rumors flying around the place that were terrible about me, which none of them were true. More about what was going on through my divorce but it was nice because I was able to put it to the side and focus on my life and the reality of who I am and I think as a celebrity you need to do that otherwise you’ll get dragged by the press.

Lil Kim fans can catch her episode, August 1st. David Tutera: Unveield airs Saturdays at 9pm EDT/PDT and 8pm CDT, on WE TV.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta