[WATCH] Wendy Williams Grades Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast, Flunks Phaedra Parks

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Let’s face it, this woman, not only says it like she means it, but does so relentlessly. With season five of RHOA officially over and the last reunion episode airing Sunday night, I guess it’s time to get our judge on. Internally, we’ve gone back and forth about who was the break-out star and who maybe sorta kinda can exit stage left for season six. We’re conflicted, but Wendy Williams isn’t. This week, the talk show host graded the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta for the season. Peep the grades and what she had to say below.

Kenya Moore

You gave us everything that we watch reality TV for. With all that I must give you a gone with the wind fabulous A.

Cynthia Bailey 

You are everything this season. Everything in a beautiful way. You’re doing the best you can with the personality.I think that you look terrific, I think that you and your man [Peter] have stepped it up being the matriarchs and patriarchs of the show.  I give you a B+.

Nene Leakes 

I would have liked to have seen more of you, I realize that you are so busy with you’re acting in Hollywood and I love you for that. You’re not giving us enough of you in Atlanta. The part that I’m not really feeling is the romantic thing with you and Greg. I’m giving you a B-.

Kandi Burress 

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There is something sketchy about that relationship with Todd. ‘m thinking that you are holding back because you have that spinoff show which is very unnecessary. You get a C.

Porscha Stewart

Porsha you are everybody’s little sister. Young enough to be naive, so we try to school you. We watched you be bullied by that husband is now going to be an ex-husband. We watched you say a lot of stupid, airhead things. Overall, you get a C with a bullet. Next season, when she is single and smarter, I know that she can get a B next marking period. She’s better than that.

Phaedra Parks

You started out being everything that a lot of young girls want to be and that is a lawyer. You went from being a smart lawyer who gave an ex-con a chance, which is forgiving. You’ve tumbled down into being ratchet. Phaedra I wonder if you’re the one that Nene was talking about when Andy asked last night does somebody need to go off the show, cause Phaedra it needs to be you. I give you an F or should I say PH.

Watch the clip:

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Gotta love her. But do you agree with how Wendy graded the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast?

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