Online Boutique of the Week:

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It’s a new day and trekking to the mall isn’t your only option for obtaining the latest in fashion. With the rise of social media, e-boutiques, Instagram boutiques and a plethora of other online shopping options have emerged. In an effort to keep readers on the cutting edge (without spending your ENTIRE paycheck), each week we will highlight an Online Boutique of the Week. Enjoy!

Online Boutique of the Week: SWANK Blue.

SWANK Blue is an e-Boutique created by Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Olori SWANK. The premise of this e-boutique is to provide super fashionable items at lower prices.

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Founder, Olori Swank

SWANK Blue’s Motto: Looking like a million bucks shouldn’t have to cost it. 

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How SWANK Blue was created:

It all started at the end of October 2011. …Olori had a habit of accumulating massive amounts of clothing, shoes & accessories, so it was commonplace for her to get rid of large amounts of things every season to make room for her new finds. Normally she took the items to Goodwill; but with every trip to Goodwill came emails, Facebook messages, and tweets from angry friends, fans, and family who would have loved to dig through the goods before they were given away. October 27th 2011 at 5am, Olori started photographing items and uploaded them to as a way for the people who wanted things to get them in a secure, organized fashion. By the time she checked her email at 11am, everything she posted was sold out & and she has been selling out daily at the same crazy rate since.

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