[VIDEO] 50 Cent Talks Clowning Mayweather’s Reading Skills & Public Criticizing Blue Ivy’s Hair

He put me, T.I., and Nelly together, as washed up rappers. I know so much about him, that, he just shouldn’t do that.

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Reading skills aside, 50 says the he does respect Mayweather as a boxer:

You can’t take away from who he is. He is who he is. He’s one of the best fighters of our time. If you look, I never try to discredit what he does, but he tried to discredit what I do. He would subtly say things, then take it back. Like he said the Tiny thing, then he wanted to take it back. If you said don’t take it back, its already out there.

During their conversation, 50 admitted that at times he can go too far, when making jokes about celebrities. However, he remains firm that children should be off limits, noting a few critics commenting on Blue Ivy’s hair:

After you start going into that area, and my eyes go red, ain’t gon be no way to stop it. Just gon watch it take place. I don’t care. What is the one person in your life, that you have unconditional love for and you’ll do anything for. When I see people make comments about Jay’s kid, and other peoples kids, I cringe at it. She’s the biggest star of that family.

Watch the full interview below.