Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Force Wendy Williams to Eat Crow, Literally

wendy williams eats crow-the jasmine brand

She’s a woman of her word! As promised, if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married longer than 72 days (the amount of time Kim was married to Kris Humphries), Wendy Williams said she would EAT CROW as the talk show host was skeptical that Kim and Kanye would last longer.

wendy williams eats crow-kimye wedding-the jasmine brand

On Monday, Wendy proved to her loyal watchers that would do as she promised and ate Spicy Crow Gumbo! After the first and only bite, Wendy surprisingly said,

I can taste the iron in it. Well, they say a crow has more iron than anything and it tastes kinda like chicken liver….you know….it’s not…so…bad and I forgot to use the hot sauce. Well there you go, I’m a women of my word!

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