Sisqo Talks Fight With Jagged Edge Member, Being Blackballed & Rumored Secret Child

He was like I know you ain’t gon come in here and talk about that Breakfast Club interview…I was like ‘Dude ain’t nobody thinking about that…’ Like I said, we had been drinking. I don’t remember what started the skirmish but he might of actually tried to say what he said. To me, it wasn’t that serious. If you ain’t really throwing hands, it’s not a fight.

What happened/went wrong after ‘Thong Song’:

Everything. Everything good, bad, ugly…The choices that you make determine how often you get to stay in the forefront in the industry…I had a lot, it was a lot of things that I wanted to do was really unpopular at the time..I had my people that I wanted to put on and that’s not really how this game works…Like my first singles, I put my cousin on the first single…I didn’t know that. I didn’t know how to play the game.

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Rumors that he was hard to work with:

What happened was, I went on Powerhouse. The whole thing with Lil Kim back in the day…When I wasn’t in the video (‘How Many Licks’), what the streets thought was that I thought I was so high and mighty that I didn’t want to be in the video…First of all, that was ridiculous because I wrote the song…I wasn’t able to be in the video because of the politics….So when I did Powerhouse, I came out on the stage and I was like ‘My label blah, blah, blah, they wouldn’t let me’…I started the Kanye West rant…So basically that was one of those, bite the hand that feeds you scenarios that I didn’t understand…I got blacklisted. Oh, they buried me…

On going solo:

I didn’t really want to be a solo artist. I wanted to be the next Jodeci, Boyz II Men. Woody quit the group on the set of Wild Wild West (video)….Woody’s parents aren’t around anymore and he was going through that scenario…it could’ve been that…We was literally on top of the world…

Rumors that he had a secret child with a 14-year-old teenager in Switzerland:

That’s weird because I didn’t know that let 14 year-olds in the club at three in the morning…And then this particular person was with her mother…So, I don’t think she was that young, and if she was, her mother was like dating security. As far as her child being mine, I only have two kids that I know of…My daughter that was in the video and my son, his name is Riu. He was on the show ‘Wife Swap’ with me.

Why he doesn’t get a paternity test, to dispute claims about the child: 

At the end of the day, this is around the 4th or 5th time some body has accused me of their child being my child…The other two people who thought their kid was mine, actually turned out that it wasn’t…On girl had actually named her.

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