Sisqo Talks Fight With Jagged Edge Member, Being Blackballed & Rumored Secret Child

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If you’ve been wondering where singer Sisqo (real name Mark Althavean Andrews) has been, you’re in luck. This week, the Dru Hill member, whose group rose to fame in the 90’s, visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. With a new single with Waka Flocka, the 35-year-old artist is slowly making a comeback. During his interview, Sisqo discussed the recent scuffle that went viral with Jagged Edge member Kyle Norman; why he feels he was black-balled; and reports he secretly fathered a child with an underage teenager.

Fight With Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman:

First of all, nobody has ever called me a punk nothing to my face. Never. And the thing that happened when he said that, we seen him like the next week….I was coming off the elevator. He was standing there with Kevin…And he started apologizing to me like ‘I didn’t say whatever’…I hadn’t really even saw the video. Everybody was telling me about it…When I did, I kinda approached him like, ‘Come on n*gga you know you ain’t tell me no shut the eff up…’ Nobody never said anything about me being gay to my face…

On how the altercation with Kyle happened: