[Color Complex] Singer Tank Says Some Dark Skinned Women Take Issue With His Light Skinned Girlfriend

Tank sparks dark skinned light skinned conversation on twitter-the jasmine brand

It’s 2014 and unfortunately, the light skinned vs. dark skinned (and vice versa) conversation within the African American community (and others for that matter) is still a hot button topic. Don’t believe us — just ask Tank (real name Durrell Babbs). Last night (October 9th), the Stronger singer posted a series of Tweets, expressing his frustration about some dark complexion women taking issue with light complexion women.

zena foster birthday-tank-the jasmine brand

His observation was sparked by comments that he says are often made about the light complexion of his girlfriend, Zena Foster. He tweeted:

I have an honest question. What do dark skinned women have against light skinned women?.. Aren’t we all black at the end of the day?? You should check the comments on my page when I post my light skinned girlfriend and maybe you’ll understand the frustration! #FactsOnly