Melyssa Ford Confirms ‘I Was Attacked’ By Cast Mate, Returns to Hospital With More Injuries

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It’s a hard knock life for Melyssa Ford. After being involved in an alleged brawl with herBRAVO’s Blood, Sweat and Heels cast mate Geneva Thomas, she’s reportedly returned to the hospital. Photogs caught Melyssa in New York, arriving to the hospital bandaged up in a wheelchair. According to The YBF,

Melyssa’s injuries were more serious than the initial three stitches she received after Geneva allegedly hit her in the head with a vodka bottle at a boat party in Manhattan.

She was being taken back to hospital today because of her head injuries. We’ve also learned that she can’t walk due to several gashes under her feet from broken glass during brawl. And based on the pics we nabbed of her hopping on crutches today outside of the hospital, her right foot looks quite injured. We’re told that thanks to all the trauma and drama, she hasn’t slept since the incident.

Footage of her returning to the hospital has surfaced and Melyssa is saying very little thus far. While entering the hospital, she did confirm the fight stating: