Tamar Braxton Threatens to Leave ‘Braxton Family Values’ Over Bad Editing [AUDIO]

It’s not worth Tamar’s relationship with her sisters. That’s what attracted me to this woman. She loves her family so hard…It’s a little sad for me to watch my wife defend herself when I know how much she loves her family.

The Braxtons arrive at Mr. Chow for dinner and to tape scenes for their reality show 'Braxton Family Values'

Some suggest that according to the show, there’s some underlying tension with Tamar and her eldest sister, Toni.

I’m trying to figure out when did Toni Braxton become a problem in my life…The saying that I have a big head or think I’m a diva or I think I don’t owe anything to my sister Toni Braxton.

She continues:

For me, I don’t want to be depicted as a person that I’m completely not.

Watch the full interview.

Are Tamar’s points valid? And should she consider leaving the show? 

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