(EXCLUSIVE) Married 2 Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford & Lisa Nicole Cloud Involved in Glass-Throwing Altercation

We’re told Quad went to the police station and filed a police report. We’re also told allegedly she went to the hospital to treat her cuts. There are conflicting reports as to if her face was cut or another body part. The two involved, along with cast members have remained tight-lipped, thus far about the incident.

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Meanwhile, there are UNCONFIRMED reports that Mariah Huq will not return next season. We’re unsure if there’s any truth to this, but with Mariah and her husband expecting twins, our guess is BRAVO may find this storyline interesting. Mariah is also in the process of publishing a book, The Doctor’s Wives Club.

All of this will play out on season 3. Check back for more details.


UPDATE #2.  Our sources tell us that the tension between Quad and Lisa stems from Lisa doing a background investigation on Quad. The story goes that before joining the show, Lisa did a background investagtion on Quad, Mariah and Dr. Heavenly. Lisa believes she has some dirt from Quad’s past. Quad is adamant that she’s shared all of her so-called ‘skeletons’. Nonetheless, Quad allegedly hired a private investigator to follow Lisa. In terms of the altercation, the incident happened at a restaurant. Lisa’s husband was present, while Quad’s was not. No word yet on Quad’s injuries. In terms of Mariah’s involvement on the show, we’re told she will not be an official cast member, but a friend of the show, who makes regular appearances (similar to Porsha Williams of the Real Housewives of Atlanta). 


UPDATE #3.  We’ve done some extra digging and snooping and have learned even more information about last night’s incident. Our sources say that Quad and Lisa had decided to meet at the restaurant, to address the issues that they were having thus far this season. One of the larger issues was the background investigation. Allegedly, Lisa did a background investigation on Quad (along with Mariah and Dr. Heavenly), which Quad was not a fan of — at the time, we’re told the two were friends. In turn, Quad recently hired a public investigator and did her own background investigation on Lisa. During the conversation at the restaurant, an argument ensued. Names were called and Quad allegedly presented information about what she discovered about Lisa’s past. [We’re unsure of the specifics of what was in Lisa’s background.] Allegedly, Lisa became so angry at the information, that she threw water on Quad and started yelling at her. Lisa’s husband intervened separating the women and while they were split up, Lisa allegedly picked up a glass and threw it at Quad’s face. The glass cut the side of Quad’s face. Allegedly, there was lots of blood and Quad went to the hospital. Neither Quad nor Lisa have responded to last night’s incident. Our guess is, neither will have much to say until the season begins. 


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