Rick Ross Gushes Over New Rumored Girlfriend Ming Lee: ‘She’s My Baby’ [VIDEO]

Rick Ross: That’s my baby.

Laura Stylez: Is she really your girlfriend?

Rick Ross: That’s my baby.

Laura Stylez: What does it mean?

Rick Ross: That’s my baby. She a hood billionaire. She’s a boss.

ming lee

While he doesn’t claim her as his official girlfriend she’s definitely his “baby” and a “self-made millionaire,” a title Ross definitely understands and appreciates.

Laura Stylez: Tell me about her.

Rick Ross: She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a self-made millionaire as well. She has a real good spirit, she does her thing. I was fortunate enough when I met her I told her ‘keep doing what your doing, I’m always here’ and I stayed in touch with her.

Laura Stylez: How did you guys meet?

Rick Ross: She was promoting one of her seminars and it was actually sold out and it was coming across everything we were doing. And I’s like, ‘yo, I need to sit in on one of these seminars.’ I definitely checked up on her.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels