Chris Rock Explains Beef with DJ Envy: He’s an a**hole! [VIDEO]

Chris Rock-Calls DJ Envy-An Asshole-the jasmine brand

It’s safe to say, Chris Rock is no fan of resident DJ and radio personality DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club. On Monday, Rock stopped by the popular NY radio show to promote his upcoming film, Top Five. During the conversation, the comedian pulled no punches when discussing his rumored beef with Envy. [Backstory, a few months ago, Envy told listeners that he was no longer a fan of Rock. Envy says that their daughter’s team played against each other. Envy coaches his daughter’s team and says that Rock refused to sign the kids autographs, after Rock’s daughter’s team took a major L]. Rock explained why he thinks Envy is an a**hole, recounting the basketball game in question:

Envy coaches his daughter’s team and his daughter’s good and there’s this girl on his daughter’s team that’s like Shaq. Like she’s ridiculous. So they’re like beating my daughter’s team by like 40. It’s three minutes left in the game. Take Shaq out….You know, I’m not saying loose the game…Let the girls who don’t usually get a chance, but he kept Shaq in the whole game. Is like who is this guy?

He continued:

He’s an a–hole it’s like…it’s not even a debatable situation here. I don’t run around calling people assholes. He’s