K.Michelle Talks Stolen Artwork, Denies Beefing With Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Over Music [VIDEO]

snatches the “AWBAH” track back and while in the studio listening to tracks with Nicki, Nicki says she likes it and he gives it to her instead. “Buy A Heart” featuring Meek Mill can be heard on Nicki’s new “The Pink Print” album as a bonus track.

The site adds:

K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A heart” album dropped this pastTuesday. Do you know what else dropped? Nicki’s new song with Meek Mill titled “Big Daddy”. At this point K. Michelle took Nicki releasing the song as subliminal a shot towards her and ends up allegedly leaking to blogs that Meek and Nicki are an item.

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During K.Michelle’s interview on Power 99, she adamantly denies that there is any beef between the three of them over the record:

Everytime that I’m really attacked — if you pay attention — those bloggers, and the things, they’re all friends. And it’s always their under-lying reasons to come for me. I don’t have anything to do with that. I love Nicki [Minaj], I love Meek [Mill]. I’ve expressed the love, for both of them so I don’t know really what, I’m so supposed to do in that. I do know that I had a record. The record didn’t make the album, they said Nicki liked the record. Meek wrote the hook on the record. And Meek gave it to Nicki. I mean, I’m like ‘What am I supposed to do?’ So, why am I always being thrown in the middle of something, that I don’t have nothing to do with. Like, great. She got an album coming out. I want that woman to do great…Imma buy it, when his album come out, Imma buy that one too…We never pay attention to the media and the things they’re feeding us…So, everytime I’m on there [Baller Alert], you’re doing it for a calculated reason.

K.Michelle also addresses reports that she has stolen artwork and used it on her album.

Woman Accuses KMichelle of Stealing Artwork-the jasmine brand

[Click here for the backstory].

I have never …. I don’t know this woman. Like don’t know this woman. Couldn’t tell you how to get to her page….And on top of it, you’re on a label. It’s a creative thing. I didn’t go and pick that…[It was] Brought to me, I liked it…So, when it came up, it was shocking. It was like, on my album week are we really gonna try and do this to me? Like, I don’t know this lady. In the first place, you keep on tryna attack and in the second place, there’s a place and time for it. And in the third place, I don’t know you to call you. I feel like, whatever, don’t be blaming me…I saw the pictures, I thought the pictures was nice. More power to her.

There ya have it! [Power 99, Baller Alert]

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