Jessie J Gushes Over Luke James + Couple Accept Samuel L. Jackson’s Challenge [VIDEO]

Tamar Braxton: You recently confirmed that you and R&B superstar Luke James is…he is your new boo.

Jessie J: Yes.

Tamar Braxton: What made you guys come public about it?

The Real: Aww.

Loni Love: He looks like my cousin! Are you sure that’s not…?

Jessie J: Maybe it is! Um honestly, I think that all of us can agree that you go through so many different kinds of love growing up.

Tamar Braxton: Uh huh.

Jessie J: I feel like this time in my life, I’m nearly 27. I’m a grown woman and I’m famous and I have to deal with that and I would rather take control of it, you know.

Tamar Braxton: Yes.

Jessie J: So I feel like going public it was like…I love him, so why hide it or try and be a secret?

The REAL: Aww. Adrienne Bailon: He’s a great guy. He’s a great guy.

Jessie J: He’s an amazing guy, yes. He’s really great. And he can sing!

Tamar Braxton: Yes! Do you have him sing all the time?

Jessie J: No literally, he met my mom and dad in London a few weeks ago and my dad was like “God. It’s like a musical.”

Adrienne Bailon: I love it.

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