Dawn Richard Unbothered By Plastic Surgery Rumors, Apologetic About Punching Aubrey O’day [VIDEO]

We were cool! This is how I feel about it. Imma be real with ya’ll because I always do! Any team anything that you play on from basketball to football everybody has a role, a quarterback cannot decide tomorrow to be a wide receiver, he might be a really great runner but at the end of the day when it’s time to get this championship ring everybody has to play a part. The problem with Danity Kane is they wanted to play everybody’s role. When you’re in a group like that that can’t survive everybody can’t be Kobe on a team! There is no excuse for my behavior, but everybody gets pushed to a limit! I’m very good about holding my ground, I had a role to play in this group, everybody did, when somebody is poisoning and you go into the studio and somebody is lying to you and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady, that’s foul and not only that they knew I found out my father had cancer, my grandmother died and they knew this and I was like yo all we have is the studio this is all I have is this project, I believed in them! I’ll go even deeper and tell you guys, I got sick; they had a whole week to go in the studio by themselves, I text them like ‘kill it, I love you guys, you’re gonna kill it’ and whatever you leave open imma go in and record.

They had a whole week in the studio by themselves, I came back and only recorded my parts did all the things I normally do in the studio. We listened back and they said it’s too much you, it’s too many ad libs and I was like y’all had a whole week, I don’t understand what I did wrong. So, it became a big old thing about take me off, you’re doing too many ad libs, it’s gotta be the whole group and I’m like, ‘Yo we can go to the top, it don’t matter who singing what!’ I walked in the studio and they secretly, they told me we had studio the next day and they went in the day before and was gonna record the ad libs I did, my vocals and I tried to confront them and they were like, ‘No’. We’re talking and putting hands in face and I blacked out and I couldn’t believe the only place I really loved and gave up everything like all of us did for like foul sh*t, I couldn’t believe it! It’s my fault, their fault, everybody, we just didn’t handle that situation great! I, once it happened had we handled privately, had I come back and apologized and handled it like this and I woulda been like dock my pay or like take my pay away, we’ll do some like cool thing and like get back to it, but once you go public, you hit up TMZ then I can’t control it. It wasn’t even like a brawl out fight. I stopped, I realized what I did, she called the police and didn’t press charges, documented it, the next day TMZ got a call and then on my birthday released that statement so they’re like we’re done, ok good.

On ever being cool with Aubrey again:

It’s no love lost, I like, I love my group members, I just don’t like the things that we do and when something is poison you have to know when to say it’s enough and I didn’t know who I was when I was in it! We didn’t love it. We were coming in fighting and that’s not what it’s suppose to be about and it’s not about the art or the fans then what are we really doing it for?!

On investing her money:

I did the right thing with my money! All of this is my money, it’s smart choices and they look big.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta