Dawn Richard Unbothered By Plastic Surgery Rumors, Apologetic About Punching Aubrey O’day [VIDEO]

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Dawn Richard formerly of Danity Kane and Dirty Money sat down with Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God, and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club and had a transparent conversation about her career and personal life. As expected, Richard opened up about the controversy that’s surrounded her for the past two years. Check out excerpts of her addressing punching fellow group member Aubrey O’Day in the face; plastic surgery rumors and static with D.Woods.

On rumors of whether or not she’s had plastic surgery on her face:

I bought a whole new face! No, I’ve come to the conclusion that people are already going to say what they believe if I say no they’re going to call me a liar. If I say yes they’re going to say you’re a disgrace you bleached your skin. I spent a $100,000 and I got new tits, but I didn’t because they’re extremely flat!

On what sparked the rumors that she altered her look once she got money:

I can’t even give it to you the way it started, but shout out to the people who think I spent that money.

On all the drama that went down with Danity Kane and if they’ll ever get back together:

We did get back together and we put out an album. The whole album went to number one and everything. I think for me, I kinda wanted to prove to myself that I could finish something, it was kinda like one of those things that’d it’d be dope, like a lot of the fans wanted it. I thought it’d be like dope to have a girl group because there really was no girl group out right now, we could have done something really revolutionary and it would have been dope to be a part of that. I mean I’m always gonna do music, so a solo career is nothing to me, so like I’m still gone do music, this is an opportunity the name is bigger, the brand is bigger, why not cross bigger lines mainstream by doing something that’s bigger than me, so I wanted to try it again!

On static with D. Woods and why she didn’t rejoin the group:

That was such a lie too, I actually f-cked with D. Woods so I don’t know where that came from, we just never really hit it off, but I never had no problems with her! So I don’t get that one.

Danity Kane in Concert at Liquid Pool in Las Vegas - July 19, 2014

On fight with Aubrey and punching her in the face:

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