Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Remix ‘Drunk in Love’ + ‘Sorry For the Wait 2’ Released [New Music]

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian take a stroll on the streets of Philadelphia, PA

Laying ’round with my boy toy, he’s sliding through that half-pipe. I’m riding on that skateboard.Christina Milian

Lil Wayne has snagged his rumored girlfriend — Christina Milian — for his cover of Beyonce and Jay Z’sDrunk In Love‘. The track, which features Milian singing with Wayne leading the way lyrically, is featured on Tunechi’s new mixtape, Sorry For the Wait 2. On the track, Milian sings

We gon be f*ckin all night
We ain’t makin’ love…We ain’t makin love
You gon watch me what? Drop it like it’s hot.

Take a listen.

Including ‘Drunk In Love’, Wayne’s new mixtape features 17 tracks with features by Drake, Mack Maine, 2 Chainz and SNL. Check out the track list and listen to the full mixtape on the next page.