Joe Budden Seemingly Responds Over Reports He Was Spotted W/ IG Model, Weeks Before Rumored Cyn Santana Split [VIDEO]

Joe Budden Seemingly Responds Over Reports He Was Spotted W/ IG Model, Weeks Before Rumored Cyn Santana Split [VIDEO]

The rumored split between Love & Hip Hop couple Joe Budden and Cyn Santana just added another interesting piece to the puzzle that could possibly give fans an insight into what’s actually going on. In a new video, Budden is seen getting cozy with a known Instagram model while in Miami.

Last week, eagle-eye fans noticed that engaged couple Joe Budden and Cyn Santana were no longer following each other on social media—and also that Santana had scrubbed all photos of Budden from her Instagram page. As expected, rumors of the couple splitting up started to swirl, causing Budden to address the matter during a live taping of his Joe Budden Podcast while in Tampa, Florida.

Joe & Cyn

During the taping, Budden said:

“They were telling me that I had broken up with somebody. Right? Like how can I put on a show tonight like this? So, I want to tell…and this is breaking news… y’all are the first to hear. We didn’t break up. We did not break up.”

 However, he quickly clarified that there is definitely trouble in paradise:

“Now, words are important. So, what does that mean? What that means is, neither one of us said it’s over. Now, with that said, we haven’t spoken. We haven’t spoken in a little while. I think her phone’s been dead for a few weeks. Overtime at work. Plenty of reasons I can think of. Can you have a break up without saying it? I’m asking a very serious question. I’m asking for enlightenment from Tampa. Can you break up without actually breaking up? I didn’t take it no way when she actually moved all her [stuff] out of the house.”

 Following Budden’s comments, Santana responded to a fan’s question on Twitter to offer some enlightenment into the situation, writing:

“Actions speak louder than words. People have months broken up and don’t even know it. But God reveals all truths.”

 Now, physical evidence (via Bossip) has emerged and possibly gives insight to the real reason for Budden and Santana allegedly breaking up. In a new video, Budden was spotted out and about allegedly with 29-year-old IG model Jazzma Kendrick while in Miami just a few weeks before his estrangement from Santana.

Budden and Kendrick were walking together on Miami Beach, but when Budden realized he was being recorded he quickly walked ahead of Kendrick

You can check out the video BELOW and skip ahead to around the 5:45 mark to see the two together:

Kendrick is model turned Miami realtor. She previously dated Italian soccer player Christian Vieri, who was allegedly dating supermodel Naomi Campbell around the same time he started seeing Kendrick. The former couple broke up back in 2017 a little after Vieri, 45, found himself in hot water for making some allegedly racist remarks.

Budden seemingly addressed the video circulating and threw a little shade about ending things with Santana in a few tweets:

You can check out some additional photos of Jazzma Kendrick BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings