Nicki Minaj (Jokingly) Calls Christina Milian Out Over ‘Fleek’ Shirts: You owe me a percentage!

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Is there always some seriousness to a joke?


That’s the question we’re answering after watching an exchange between Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian. Over the weekend, it appears that the two had a bit of a disagreement, all on social media for spectators to view.

nicki minaj-calls out nicki minaj on fleek-the jasmine brand

It began when Minaj posted Twitter trending tropics, one of which was Fleek by Onika. Within the caption of the post, Minaj references the fact that Christina Milian, sells a t-shirt with the phrase, Pretty On Fleek. She writes:

Fleek by Onika  – I saw Christina sellin tshirts that say Pretty On Fleek. I was waitin on my percentage at the door! *tilts head*

Apparently, Milian (who happens to date Minaj’s boss, Lil Wayne) caught wind of the post and wrote within Minaj’s comment section:

Hey boo, Been saying #OnFleek everything for a while now..But I’m not afriad to share. Most