(EXCLUSIVE) Ariana Grande Hit With Lawsuit, Accused of Song Theft

Ariana Grande in Concert on NBC's "Today Show" at Rockefeller Center in New York City - August 29, 2014

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Ariana Grande is accused of ripping off a music producer by allegedly stealing his song and turning it into one of her biggest hits “One Last Time”. The producer is demanding a judge grant him an injunction against the pop star from continuing to profit off his track, along with $150k for each time the singer infringed on his copyright.

Alexander Greggs – aka Alex G – filed a federal lawsuit against Ariana Grande and DJ David Guetta along with Universal Music Group.

The music producer explains he has spent substantial sums of money, as well as time, effort, resources and creative talent to create, produce, record, acquire, own, publish, license and otherwise exploit copyrighted musical compositions on his behalf and other songwriters and musicians.

Greggs is the copyright owner to the song “Takes All Night”, which allows him to reproduce the work, collect sales form the track along with the right to perform and license the song to others. The song is recorded by artist Skye Stevens and was released back in 2012.

He claims the pop star and Guetta released a track entitled “One Last Time”, which was released in 2014 and is a single off her album “My Everything”.  He says it is substantially similar to his song,  with both having similar choruses and both having similar melodic contour.

Further, the songs share the most important rhythmic placement of the pitches on strong melodic and harmonic beats. He points out that Ariana’s song shares the same tempo, the orchestration of the rhythmic accompaniment and the use of repetition and variation in the chorus section are all ripped off from his track.

The producer fired off a cease and desist to Ariana and her record label but they have blown off the legal threats. The lawsuit is seeking $150k per infringement committed by the pop star, along with an injunction prohibiting her or the record label from continuing to profit off the song he owns.


Listen to Skye Steven’s ‘Takes All Night’ below.

Listen to Ariana Grande’s ‘On Last Time’ below.

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Authored by: TJB Writer