K. Michelle Quits Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: “F**k That Commercial!”


K. Michelle Quits Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: “I quit already…I’m cool”

The new season hasn’t even started and one cast member has already said goodbye. When a fan asked K. Michelle about filming for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the R&B songstress posted to Instagram to let fans know she has quit the show.

I’m not. I quit already. They reach so much they loose the truth. I’m cool.

In another tweet she responded to a user,

F**k that commercial. Done done. 

K. Michelle (born Kimberly Pate) is known to have an on and off relationship with the franchise. She’s been on two installments; Atlanta and New York, but has had volatile relationships with several co-stars that led her to leaving the show multiple times. K. Michelle, 34, fronted a spinoff titled K. Michelle: My Life for three seasons, but returned to the franchise for season five in Hollywood.

In February, according to reports, K. Michelle began having friction with her costars, A1 and Lyrica Anderson.

K. Michelle and Lyrica shaded each other on Twitter, when K. Michelle posted a comment about A1, calling him “saucy” and Lyrica responded by calling her “an evil demon.” In May, she also hinted about the show having fake storylines, specifically involving Lyrica and A1. She posted,

These storylines are getting out of hand. Next they’ll be claiming that Jesus came and sat at the foot of their bed. 

No word yet on what the R&B starlet has in store for future plans. K. Michelle just recently recovered from having her last surgery to remove her booty implants, and she is doing well with her brand new body.

By: Jeanine Cruz

Authored by: Kellie Williams