Dr. Phil On Sit Down With Nick Gordon: “He was high as a kite” [VIDEO]

dr phil-says nick gordon high as a kite-the jasmine brand

Dr. Phil McGraw is confirming a number of reports about the not-so-good physical and emotional condition of Nick Gordon. Dr. Phil’s highly anticipated interview with Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend airs tomorrow and in a recent interview with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, Dr. Phil discusses the headlines that Nick was intoxicated, violent, and a danger to himself.

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Dr. Phil revealing what happened on and off camera first explaining how the interview turned into an intervention explaining Gordon’s own lawyers begged him for help,

They say listen, we need help, I know you came to do an interview, but he is out of control and we are worried for his life, we think he will self destruct and it was clear to me that all of a sudden this interview became an intervention….He was so animated and so