[INTERVIEW] Tameka Raymond Talks ‘Style Theory’, Opens Up About ‘Atlanta Exes’: It’s a double edge sword. (Part 1)

Tameka Raymond: The hardest for me to watch would’ve been the trial stuff. You know we went to court with the guy you know who had the accident with my son. That was hard to watch — kind of watching myself go through that and kind of reliving some of those moments.

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theJasmineBRAND: What do you feel like was the most challenging part of the entire process?

Tameka Raymond: Having to be in makeup everyday and having to…I don’t know. One thing I will say is that reality shows now have changed. Back in the old days like cameras followed you everywhere like the ‘Real World’ original days. They would get you on the toilet. They would follow you in the bathroom with cameras. This was more of you provide a schedule of what’s going on in your life and they kind of ask you if they can film certain aspects.

theJasmineBRAND: You and Torrei started off really rocky, your cast mate. And now it seems that you all are very close. How did you get over that?

Tameka Raymond: Again we were always very close. We always had a lot of fun. Were both very vivacious people that’s a good way to put it. We both like to act crazy — we like to dance we like to turn up — but they did catch a rough patch for us. We got in a really bad argument. That was hard to watch too. That argument was crazy. I said things I’m not proud of and she said things I’m not proud of.

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theJasmineBRAND: What’s the latest on another season?

Tameka Raymond: I don’t know. I know were not filming now and as far as I know, we will not be filming. I don’t know the logistics as to why, cause its both franchises. It’s both shows LA or Atlanta neither are returning.

theJasmineBRAND: I heard that there was a lawsuit in regards to Atlanta Exes.

Tameka Raymond: I think someone was saying their idea was stolen. So it’s internal stuff none of the cast mates’ husbands shut it down. So that rumor. I’m like chile’ which one of them got that power. I thought the Black Ink Crew took our spot and I’m like they won because we cannot touch them in drama. They are colorful and turnt up.

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Check back later for part 2 where we discuss Tameka’s love life; her reaction to Usher’s new fiancee; a rumored sex tape and her biggest fear.For all things Tameka Raymond, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TamekaRaymond or visit her web site.


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