Jesus, Wept: Singer Tank Shares How A Gay Minister Slid In His DM’s, Exposing Himself [VIDEO]

Tank: I saw him around the church community. You know what I’m saying, acting like he was doing the Lord’s work. And I was like, this ain’t the Lord’s work. This is you with your d**k out. You know, what I’m saying?

Kandi: Oh, geeze!

Tank: So, you know…

DJ A One: So, how did it get out?

Tank: I posted it.

DJ A One: Blasted him?

Tank: Blasted him.

Kandi: What!?!

Tanks: Some things I don’t play about and that’s where I come from, the church.

DJ A One: That’s 100 though. Get him before he gets you.

Tank: Way before he tries to… “Look at Tank entertaining it.”


DJ A One: That was good, Tank.

Tank: And I don’t have a problem with gay people. That’s not what I’m saying. i believe everybody was created the way they were created. You live how you live, but don’t try to force that on me. Clearly that’s not what I do.

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