Beyonce Releases Wedding Anniversary Song ‘Die With You’ [New Music]

beyonce-die with you-the jasmine brand

It’s 7 years and counting for Beyonce and Jay Z, one of the world’s most popular celebrity couples. Over the weekend, the pair celebrated their wedding anniversary. And in honor of their special day, Beyonce released new music and a new track on TIDAL. Titled, ‘Die With You’, Beyonce sings the ultimate love song.

I don’t have a reason to cry/And I have every reason to smile … And I don’t have a reason to lie/When you’re already reading my mind … And I don’t need air in my lungs/If I can’t sing your song … ‘Cause darlin’ I wake up just to sleep with you/I open my eyes so I can see with you”

What’s more? Bey actually plays the piano to the track in the video.