T.I. & Tiny Talk Beef With Shekinah, Making Peace With Mayweather & Why ‘ATL 2’ Has Been Postponed [VIDEO]

Relationship with Shekinah:

Tiny: We’re still good friends … He [referring to T.I.] doesn’t really care for her so I hafta keep them separate. She keeps me going.

Shekinah, Tiny

Shekinah, Tiny

If Shekinah & Tiny still have their spin-off:

Tiny: I don’t know what happened. Because the ratings were great. And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.
T.I. I had nothing to do with that.

How T.I. deals with his wife having a best friend that he doesn’t like:

T.I.: I just don’t.
Tiny: Actually, she’s always on his side. She tells me good stuff. She’s not against him. That’s the reason why I’m still able to deal with her. She’s not against him. He just don’t care for her.
T.I. No love for the other side. You cross that line, you stay there.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.42.41 AM

Why The OMG Girlz Split:

Tiny: We couldn’t get the business together. My daughter — we’re working on her solo project.
T.I. In order to business with them you had to deal with the mothers … It was kinda like the mother’s couldn’t get it together at the same time.

If they finished ‘ATL 2’:

No, we did not. We held up …. we ran into a road block with some clearance issues … I don’t wanna throw nobody out there.

Turning down ‘Empire’:

That’s the reason why I wasn’t on ‘Empire’. Because they called and asked me to play a rapper who gets arrested and go to jail.

floyd mayweather-tiny-the jasmine brand

Shouting out Floyd Mayweather on Instagram:

I just congratulated him on a ‘W’. I ain’t no hater man. Even if I have personal issues. Certain rappers I don’t like — I still dance to they records to the club. That ain’t even worth continuing to perpetuate negativity. That’s it.

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