(EXCLUSIVE) Sam Smith Denies Stealing Music For Hit Song ‘Stay With Me’

The musician sued, demanding royalties in the amount of 28% for the albums sold by Smith, along with the record labels to recommend he be credited by the Academy of Recording Arts and Science for the Grammys won by Smith.

Kim Kardashian, Sam Smith

Kim Kardashian, Sam Smith

Then on June 17th, Sam’s record companies blasted Halper’s lawsuit demanding credit for his song allegedly being stolen by Smith. They explain that the man never once mentions in his complaint how they or Sam would have even come in contact with his 80’s demo.

Further, they say that Halper doesn’t own a copyright to his song “Don’t Throw Our Love Away”. Sony and Universal also blast the man for trying to claim stake in the phrase “Stay With Me”, explaining it is a common phrase that cannot be copyrighted or claimed by any one person.

Sam’s record labels deny the singer stole the musician’s music and are refusing to hand over ANY royalties to the man, along with demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.

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