Teen Vogue Introduces New Faces of Fashion: Aya Jones, Lineisy Montero & Imaan Hammam

During the cover shoot, Imaan reveals:

I always thought models would be jealous and focused on trying to be more beautiful than the next one. But what I’ve seen more of is girls becoming friends, giving each other tips. One time I forgot my heels, and a girl said, ‘You can take mine; what size are you?’ That was so sweet and so important.

Of negative model stereotypes, Aya states:

I don’t like when I see really arrogant or pretentious models. I’m friendly. I say hello to everybody. You see fake relationships between girls, but I’ve found good friends. They trust me, and I trust them. I’m sure about who they are. It’s not superficial.

Click here to read the full cover story.

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