Future Talks Sex With Ciara: We prayed afterward. + Says HE Called Off Engagement [VIDEO]

Ciara, Future

Ciara, Future

The once quiet Future is quite the chatter box these days. Being that he was quiet in regards to his break up with Ciara, the media has spun their break up into various stories with most beginning and ending with cheating. However, in a new and candid sit down with Marc Lamont Hill for Huff Post Live, the rapper told his side of the story and it is less cheating and more differing opinions in life as to why the two didn’t work out.

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Ci’s baby father said cheating was never a reason as to why they broke up and that the engagement was called off well before any cheating rumors.

Everybody already had their speculations. I see a lot of people say he cheated, he cheated. Because, I feel like, 95 percent of relationships end with cheating. But me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating. I feel like we were just growing away from each other and we grew apart. And it’s just so much dealing with–when you’re in a relationship and you the man and you want to make certain decisions for yourself and she want to make certain decisions. And I feel like the best route for me is to make more music, to go back to Atlanta, to go back to my roots, for my family. Like when you a man you want to make decisions for your family, sometimes the lady don’t see what you see. The engagement had been called off. I called it off way before any cheating rumors.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels