Amanda Seales Says “I Am Not The Issue!” When Challenged About Rodney Reed Controversy

Amanda Seales Says “I Am Not The Issue!” When Challenged About Rodney Reed Controversy

Social media will not let comedian/activist Amanda Seales rest when it comes to her comments on Rodney Reed – a Texas inmate whose execution date was delayed indefinitely due to an outpouring of support regarding his murder/rape case. Amanda Seales recently commented that she felt tricked into supporting his campaign due to the fact that information was withheld from the public about prior accusations held against Rodney.

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In this era of add water activism it is very easy to fall for mass movements in directions of both cancelation and/or exoneration. I apologize for my error in rushing to the aid of this cause without knowledge of the full scope. I will be more mindful in the future. Be wary, be watchful, be wise. These are unseemly times. (Links to everything I reference are in my IG story and available online) • UPDATE: Correction – RR was tried in Wichita Falls for Rape, not Rape+Murder. Also, tho his semen was matched to a 12 yr old, the charge was placed on another individual. According to my research he has been accused of rape by 4 women, attempted rape/kidnapping by another, and convicted of the rape/murder of 1. I am not a journalist nor do I claim to be one. So, as I said in the video, conduct your own research to come to your own conclusions.

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She was, then, called out by civil rights activist Shaun King for spewing “false information” regarding his other accusations.

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???? On behalf of the family of Rodney Reed, I have to respond here directly to @AmandaSeales. We’ve counted over 20 egregious factual errors in her viral video, but NONE were more inflammatory and damaging than this one. Here, she says that Rodney Reed, who she fails to say was a high school student at the time, in Wichita Falls, Texas, raped and killed a woman there. LIES. ALL LIES. I am proud to report that only Amanda, in her rush to get a video out, killed that woman. She is thankfully still alive and well today. She was not murdered by Rodney or anyone else. And a jury voted quickly and unanimously to acquit Rodney on all charges in that case. Sooooooo many lies in this video. Rodney did not commit the crime, was acquitted, and the woman was never murdered. ??? People. Be careful what you listen to out here. Amanda called herself Google searching the case for a few hours and said a lot of factually incorrect stuff that does real harm.

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But since, Amanda Seales is taking a hit in her social media comments about the case. Under a completely unrelated video of a recent meeting with “Seinfeld” actor, Jason Alexander, Instagram user @irenethedreem pressured Amanda to apologize for expressing regret in supporting his campaign. @irene commented:

“@irenethedreem Re: Rodney Reed. Why haven’t you apologized for lying on this man? And why are you so awake and aware when it comes to everything except mass incarceration of black and brown people. Use your intelligence and platfor to educate people on that! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the 13th amendment. You’re so problack but yet so disconnected from the biggest social injustice plaguing the black community.”

Amanda apologized for “presenting misinformation” by unknowingly skewing details of the case.

“@amandaseales @irenethedreem I am sorry that I got the terms of his first rape case incorrect. He was tried for only rape not rape and murder. I honestly had trouble keeping the specifics in order bcuz he has had so many rape allegations it is quite difficult to. Happy? Great. Now back to this joyful moment.”

User @bizznocuts, then, slammed the “Insecure” star for her thoughts on Rodney Reed’s case. Amanda reacted,

“@amandaseales @bizznocuts THE F*CK are you on about???? What apology are you so d*mn desperate for????? The n*gga has been accused of rape several times. The hell are you pressing me about an apology for???? T the f*ck focused! Y’all so d*mn lost it is blowing me godd*mn mind. I said sorry TWICE now and becuz your ego is SWOLE that you feel since u missed it didn’t happene even tho one is LITERALLY in this thread you keep on running your d*mn mouth harassing ppl on here to prove to you WHOEVER THE F*CK YOU ARE. I am not the issue STOP FOLLOWING OTHERS TRYING TO DEFLECT IN ORDER TO MAKE THE ISSUE. Crisp is Attucks people like you are INCENSING.”

Yikes! Does Amanda Seales have a point when it comes to Rodney Reed’s prior rape allegations?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay