NBA Baller Brandon Jennings On His Injury, Relationship Status With Lashontae Heckard & Preparing For Their New Baby [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings correspondent Paigion caught up with the always social and open NBA player Brandon Jennings of the Detroit Pistons, at the Toast to Young Hollywood event in Los Angeles. With the approaching season and recent NBA draft, the 25-year-old point guard reminisced on how he felt the day he was drafted and the events surrounding his draft date.

Jennings, who was out the remainder of the season due to a torn Achilles tendon, also gives us an update on whether or not he will be ready to play in the upcoming season.

Brandon Jennings, Tae Heckard

Brandon Jennings, Tae Heckard

Jennings, who made headlines for allegedly breaking up with his pregnant girlfriend, Lashonte Heckard also spilled a bit of tea on where their relationship stands now, and if there are any more children in his future. Peep a few excerpts:

With the new basketball season coming and a new addition to the Detroit Pistons, how he felt the day he was drafted:

I was nervous. Actually my draft day; that was the day Michael Jackson died. So emotions was all over the place. It was crazy, so it was like Michael Jackson died, but I was like I got drafted so it was crazy. It was cool though.

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If he’ll be playing this upcoming season and how he’s healing after surgery:

I should be ready September 1st, I should be ready. I’ve been going hard with my rehab, so I’m excited; can’t wait. I just want to get healthy that’s all.

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About his current relationship status with Lashontae and whether or not they are still engaged: 

 We cool, ya know, we’re cool. We cool, we cool, we cool.

How he feels about becoming a father for the third time:

I have a Brandon Jennings Jr. so I have a 2nd coming, so I’m excited I can’t wait. I got 3 boys, so that means the future gone be right for me. So I can just sit back and watch them play ball.


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