[EXCLUSIVE] Jagged Edge Hit w/ $4 Million Dollar Judgement Over Physical Assault Lawsuit

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The group members of Jagged Edge have been slapped with a $4 MILLION dollar lien — all over a lawsuit accusing them of causing physical harm to a man from over a decade ago, theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Jagged Edge – which consists of Brian Casey, Brandon Casey, Kyle Norman & Richard Wingo – was hit with a $3.5 million dollar judgement as part of a lawsuit filed by a man named Angel Ramos.

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The lawsuit was originally filed in Florida back in 2003 and Ramos accused the band members of negligence and physical violence. The court sided with the band at first, but then Ramos appealed the judgement and the court of appeals reversed the original order. Following the appeal, Ramos was awarded a