(EXCLUSIVE) Music Producer Sean Garrett Hit w/ $130K Judgement in Legal Battle w/ Ex-Bodyguard

Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, music producer Sean Garrett has been hit with a $130K judgement in the legal battle with his former bodyguard — who accused the entertainer of making him work 70 hours a week without paying him overtime, along with causing him serious health issues due to stress.

A man named Everitte Quarles filed a federal lawsuit against Garrett back in 2010. The man explains he worked as the producers personal security guard from 2005-2009.

The bodyguard said that Garrett had him on call 24/7 and often worked 70 hours plus a week without a day off. He filed suit accusing Garrett of never paying him overtime and when he confronted him about it, Garrett fired him as his bodyguard. Quarles demanded the entire overtime he was owed, damages for the labor law violations and any other monetary award decided by the court.

Garrett fired back claiming Quarles never had a written contract with him and he denied he violated any federal labor laws, he asked the court to dismiss the entire lawsuit.