(EXCLUSIVE) Music Producer Sean Garrett Hit w/ $130K Judgement in Legal Battle w/ Ex-Bodyguard

The two had been battling in court for over 4 years. The bodyguard explained in his deposition that Garrett demanded so much from him, he didn’t even care when he interrupted his honeymoon because he said he had been robbed.

Also, Garrett allegedly only allowed Quarles 13 days off in 2007 and he was often required to work with Garrett in the studio from 2am to 2am the next day. The bodyguard was made to accompany him to meetings with Beyonce and Jay Z, but also required that he accompany him to places like Office Depot, the Apple Store and Pet Smart.

Quarles says that as a result of the demanding schedule, he developed health problems and started passing out regularly, which his doctor said was due to his job.

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Back in May, the trial began with a jury hearing both sides in the courtroom. Following 3 days in court the jury came back with its decision and they sided with the bodyguard. They found that Garrett did indeed screw over his former employee by not paying him overtime during June 2008 – the end of 2009. They awarded Quarles a total of $65,497.50 in unpaid wages plus costs and interest since 2009.

Then on July 24th, the judge came back with his decision for punitive damages in the case. He stated that Garrett’s testimony in the trial had credibility issues and he didn’t convince the jury or the judge that he hired the bodyguard as a independent contractor. The order says that Garrett clearly did not occasionally use Quarles but rather the man was to be on call for travel and time in the studio at ALL times. Therefore, the judge decided to award the bodyguard a total of $65,497.50 in liquidated damages on top of the compensatory damages in the same amount the jury awarded for a grand total of $130,995 that Garrett is to pay his former employee.

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