Beverly Johnson’s Diet Once Consisted of Cocaine, Champagne & Coffee: The skinnier you were, the more fabulous you were.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson

In her new memoir — The Face That Changed It AllBeverly Johnson is revealing some of the more darker moments of her life.

The retired 63-year-old super model has had a legendary career and was first African-American face on the cover of American Vogue back in 1974.

I’ve talked about bulimia, anorexia, depression and losing my daughter in a custody battle but never about drugs.

When she was just getting her start in the modeling world, in the early seventies, she was rejected and told that she was too fat. At the time, she 5’9″ and 125 pounds.

To become a size zero, she admits to starving herself until she weighed just 103 pounds. She says:

I was eating nothing, zero. I drank black coffee, a sip of broth if things got tough, and in the evening, a glass of champagne as a pick me up. We didn’t even drink water. We thought it was was fattening.


Authored by: Kellie Williams