(EXCLUSIVE) CNN to Beverly Johnson’s Ex – You Have a Violent Criminal Past, Demand $19 Mill Lawsuit Be Dismissed!

CNN to Beverly Johnson Ex - You Have a Violent Criminal Past, Demand 19 Mill Lawsuit Be Dismissed-the jasmine brand

CNN is blasting Beverly Johnson’s ex-boyfriend and his $19 million dollar lawsuit accusing them of defaming his good name by calling him a convicted felon, claiming the man has a lengthy history of violent crimes all documented in the court and are demanding his suit be dismissed — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Mark Burk – the ex-boyfriend of Beverly Johnson – filed a $19 million dollar federal lawsuit against CNN on December 31st.

Beverly Johnson Accuses Bill Cosby-2014-The Jasmine Brand

He explained that he was contacted on December 19th by a CNN reporter about a possible story involving Beverly Johnson and Bill Cosby.

He says that he lived with Beverly for 4 years and he gave the reporter a truthful recollection of the events during the years. He explains he consented to the taping of the conversation and despite offering additional documentation to the reporter he says they rushed off the call.