‘Everyone has insecurities!’ Reality Star Draya Michele Reveals She Photoshops Pix

Draya Michele

Draya Michele

Nobody’s perfect — not even your favorite or least favorite celebrity. But in the age of filter and fancy photoshopping, it’s hard to tell whats natural or what’s been tweaked.

Reality star Draya Michele recently shared a side-by-side of her wearing her Mint Swim swimsuit, admitting to her followers that she sometimes photoshops imperfections.

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Sharing the photo above, the Basketball Wives LA star write:

I’m so picky about photo shop, but of course we all need it. I don’t really like to let photographers over do it, so I do it myself sometimes. The pic I just posted was edited slightly by me. At the side of breast where I have a scratch, my thigh just overall smoothness, and at the hip cuz I didn’t like that crease.


Authored by: Kellie Williams