Nicole Murphy Denies Dating Nick Cannon, Is Open to Dating Younger Men + See Her BOMBSHELL by Bleu Spread

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Nicole Murphy is definitely a HAUTE mama! In addition to having 5 children — which is commendable in itself — the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy maintains a killer body. And as it turns out, her secret is pretty simple — she hits the gym and eats healthy. During her recent interview with BOMBSHELL by Bleu, the former Hollywood Exes star dishes on keeping herself in shape; dating; romantic rumors surrounding her and Nick Cannon and why she’s annoyed by the double standard that only men can date younger.


Peep a few excerpts.

Being the mother of 5 kids, how she manage to keep her sexy, be a mom, and still have time for herself: 

No Doubt, yes I’m a mom and my number one priority is my children, but I also have to take time for me, so I have to love me just as much as I love my babies. I make sure that I take the time out, (an hour a day) to hit the gym, stay fit and also eat healthy. I do have my moments where I do eat badly but the majority of the time I do eat healthy. I have it set up where Eddy, my ex husband, has my kids for a week and I have them for a week. So when he has them, I have time to work on my career and me. I only have two left in the house the rest are grown and out the house.


If she’s currently dating:

No I’m currently single, focusing on me. I get asked out a lot but I think when the right one comes along it will be different. I’ve been in relationships for quite along time so it’s nice to be single and do whatever I want.


Authored by: Kellie Williams