‘I am not an angry black woman’ Tamar Braxton Vents On Social Media

Tamar Braxton leaves Mr. Chow

Tamar Braxton has a few things to get off of her chest and like most of us, she’s using social media to share her thoughts. We’re unsure of what triggered the mini-venting session, but the singer/reality TV star and TV host makes it clear that she will not be stereotyped or placed in a box as the angry black woman.

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Posting the image above she writes:

If I wasn’t a reality television producer I would feel like this would be true just because someone said this to me. That fact is that is that “I am not an angry black woman”God has blessed me beyond measure! I have nothing to complain about!! And I will NOT bow down to the racist, sarcastic, foolish things that come out of ones MOUTH just because it’s EASY to depict me as the LOUD mouth black girl with an attitude!!


Authored by: TJB Writer