David Banner Explains Advice to Women: ‘Show more mind than ass.’

David Banner

David Banner

In a recent interview with xoNecole.com, David Banner is dropping all sorts of jewels about no longer degrading women, his recent controversial advice that he tweeted about women and why he’s glad he’s not yet married. Check out a few excerpts.

On No Longer Degrading Women – “I have some making up to do”: 

It is very important for me to say that I’ve done enough degrading of our women myself. So, in no way is this downgrading any other rappers or saying what any other black man should do, this is for me. I have some making up to do. I have forgotten myself. With “Play,” even though I really enjoyed it and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that [song] in its proper place, there is no balance.

On His Tweets saying: “If you want a man that respects the way you think, then show more mind than ass,” [and Black Women Defending Him!]

The thing is, when a woman tells me about how a woman looks at a Black man, I listen whether I agree or not. I’m telling you how a man thinks, and you’re going to tell me something? That’s like me commenting on pregnancy… I made that comment to heal and to help. If you don’t agree with it then keep it moving.

The thing is, if we don’t have real conversations with each other we’re never going to heal. What’s funny about it is, I actually learned about that from a scientific standpoint. If a man sees flesh and ass, he can’t see anyway because his dick’s hard. And when his dick gets hard, the blood rushes from his feet and from his head. So we can’t walk and we can’t see. Even from a scientific standpoint, when we see ass and titties we can’t see! If we don’t have real conversations with each other we’re never going to heal.


Authored by: Kellie Williams