UPDATE: Nick Cannon Denies Almost Coming to Blows With Stevie J

Nick Cannon, Stevie J

Nick Cannon, Stevie J

Rumor has it, things got extremely awkward between Nick Cannon and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J. This week, Stevie and Joseline Hernandez were guests on Nick’s show, “Wild ‘N Out.

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Initially, filming started off excellent, but quickly turned left. Apparently, while Nick and Stevie threw lyrical jabs at one another, Stevie hit below the belt. We’re told that Nick said he had sex with Nick’s estranged wife Mariah Carey TWO times.

Those in attendance say that initially they thought that Stevie was joking, however, the producer has worked with Mariah in the past musically, so the joke stung a bit.

Anywho, Nick allegedly got pissed about the comment and added his own insult, stating that Joseline had sex with Rick Ross. This stung Stevie because earlier this month he dragged Joseline on social media for behaving what he considered inappropriately at Ross’ birthday party. (See below)

#steviej says he & #JoselineHernandez are NOT #married. (@hitmansteviej_1 #lhha)

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Reportedly, things got so intense that they were about to come to blows. Producers stepped in and calmer heads prevailed.

Update #2. False alarm. Nick tweeted the following, killing rumors that the two were seriously beefing at all.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams